Clay Myers-Bowman

Executive Leader, Fundraising Consultant, Photographer


  1. viveka

    WOOoW, beautiful girl and wonderful images …. I’m useless with portraits, I think it’s because I don’t like mine taken neither. Our world famous photographer, Christer Strömholm once said that to be a good photographer you have to be able to see yourself through your camera. And I believe in his words. That’s is why I’m just a a mediocre *laughing.

    • Clay Myers-Bowman

      Thanks. There’s certainly a bond and trust that develops when you take someone’s photo as often as I have Synne’s. It’s much harder for me to take portraits of someone I don’t know.

      • viveka

        That I can understand – I think I have only taken about 4 portrait in total, they came out very good, but not at all comfortable with it. Also of people I know. I’m just like you. Don’t like to intrude on people with my camera. In Sweden do we by lay have to ask before we take a photo of somebody.

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