Help us address climate change apathy.


arctic_topographic_map_fullSeveral months ago I was reading an article that basically said that most people understand that our climate is changing. But it’s such a huge challenge that most are either apathetic, indifferent, or uninterested. So the problem is not that people don’t get the data and dire warnings, it’s that they are frozen and don’t know how to process the information.

That’s one of the central strategies of The Arctic Cycle. As our playwright, Chantal Bilodeau says: “Storytelling has always been humans’ way of understanding the world and themselves in it. Now that we are facing our biggest challenge yet, we need those stories to ground ourselves and propel us forward with an equal measure of purpose and compassion.”

There’s just a few hours left in our Indiegogo campaign and while we’re making progress, we’re still short of our goal. Please visit our campaign page and make a donation today and help us take the next step in the process of bringing these plays to the stage.


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Clay Myers-Bowman
Managing Producer

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Our team: Clay, Chantal, & Jennifer