And the winner is…


RMT_LogoI’m very excited to announce the winner of 10 hours of free consultation. It was a bit tougher to choose than I initially thought since so many great causes and projects submitted letters of interest. And they were literally spread across the country from Connecticut to California and many points in-between.

It was really fun to learn about such a diverse group of projects that are all trying to influence our world and make it a better place. Some focus on helping kids stay safe. Some promote emerging artists. Others are working to document a particular moment in history. But all of the projects are worthy of much more financial support than they are getting. I hope each of them can find the donors to significantly advance their mission. The world would be a better place if that happened.

In the end, I narrowed the list down to four projects that I would be personally passionate about and excited to work with. From those I selected Rogue Machine Theatre in Los Angeles as the winner. Each of the three runners up will be getting a couple of hours of my time. I encourage you to learn more about them and support their cause if it happens to match your interests and passions.

Winner: Rogue Machine Theatre (theatre), California

1st Runner Up: Valparaiso Theatrical Company (theatre), Indiana

2nd Runner Up: My Country No More (documentary), North Dakota

3rd Runner Up: Bookshop Workshops (new play development), Connecticut

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter and share their story with me. I wish you much luck and look forward to talking with each of you over the coming weeks.