Clay Myers-Bowman

Executive Leader, Fundraising Consultant, Photographer


  1. Norbert Haupt

    I am with the San Diego AFS area team, and I am usually the volunteer who sends them off. So I have to bring my emotional crowbar to the end-of-stay event and pry parents and siblings away from the exchange students. Done it for a dozen years and I know how hard it is. But the experience lasts a lifetime, as you obviously have learned.
    I was an AFS student 38 years ago, and the memories are as fresh as ever.

    • myersbowman

      Hosting exchange students is an example of how people come and go in our daily lives. That it’s relatively short and intense makes the “go-ing” part harder. For most of our relationships we don’t get a departure date ahead of time. Maybe that’s good. Maybe not.

      Luckily, our sons and daughters abroad (with the exception of one) are still a regular part of our lives.


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