Are you having fun?


I stumbled across the band Fun! on Pandora and have really enjoyed exploring their music. It also got me thinking about “fun” in more general terms and contemplating whether or not I have enough fun. Do you have fun?

A few questions to ask yourself:

• Are you having fun?

• Is the work you’re doing fun?

• Why isn’t work any fun?

• Is fun involved in any way?

• How much fun can you handle?

• When are you going to start having fun?

• Is it too late to start having fun?

• Why are you waiting to have fun?

• When was the last time you had fun?

• Where do you find fun?

• What is fun?

Fun is not necessarily frivolous, is it?

• I’ve been having fun since 1962.

• Make if fun or go home.

• Success is fun.

You just need to start having fun. What’s holding you back? Are you holding back?