Do you have a Dream Manager yet?


I read a book in 2010 that I mentioned in a previous post ( but haven’t talked much about since. The Dream Manager, by Matthew Kelly is one part fable, one part self-help, and one part challenge. In a nutshell (from the book’s website):

“The Dream Manager is a business parable about how companies can achieve extraordinary results by helping their employees fulfill their dreams.”

You can read more about it here: then come back and finish my post.

When I was working for Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community I introduced them to the Dream Manager concept and challenged them to create a Dream Manager position. They now have a Dream Manager that is meeting regularly with dozens of employees helping them achieve their personal dreams. (If you want to talk to someone who’s an actual Dream Manager, let me know and I’ll put you in touch.)

Here’s the question I’ve been wondering about for almost two years: what would happen if a nonprofit implemented the Dream Manager concept, not for its employees, but for its donors? Think about that for a minute. What if your nonprofit had a staff person who’s sole purpose was to help donors and volunteers identify and create plans to reach their dreams? Think that would create engagement? I bet it would.

I’ve always said that my role as a fundraiser is really a dream maker. My best (and easiest) work has been when I’ve been able to match an organization’s mission/vision with the personal mission/passion of a prospect or donor. In effect, you end up finding a project or cause that is part of someone’s personal bucket list or dream.

Visit the website and read the book. Then let’s talk.