Giver. Taker. Which are you?


The two best examples of a giving mindset.

My post today is a simple one. It’s not about a new idea or tactic. It’s not about the latest fundraising trend or creative strategy. It’s an idea that has been written about in countless blogs and articles. I bet it’s been said countless times by commencement speakers across the world. There’s really nothing much for me to add to the topic, except to engage you in thinking about what it means for you. (You might say that I’m talking to the choir, but if you’ve ever seen a pastor actually do this, it’s quite annoying.)

Anyway, here’s the question for you to consider:

Are you a giver or a taker?

Do you have the tendency to give or to take? IMHO: I don’t think you can do both well. It’s hard for givers to make it a priority to take. Conversely, it’s hard for takers to ever really give. It’s a mindset. A philosophy. A part of your being.

Which are you?