Wisconsin Trip, Day 8


What a good sport.

Well, it’s over. It was a long trip with one too many stops, but everyone made it safely back. Due largely to our wonderful driver, Jeff. I realized today that I hadn’t taken any photos of him, so I snapped a couple. He was a bit reluctant to climb up on the wagon, but acquiesced. He drove us just over 2000 miles in eight days. But of course, he did much more than drive. He kept the bus clean and the gas tank filled (one bill was over $600). He helped residents in and out of the bus. And most importantly, he always found a way to get as close to a drop off point as he could. The driveway at the Hermes Basement Bijou being the most unusual.

Today was also our last meal together. We ate lunch at The Tool Shed near Des Moines. Willie and I got identical Barbeque Beef Brisket Sandwiches that were quite ample. I certainly didn’t need to eat, but I finished the whole thing, plus sweet potato fries. Since I can’t pass up a good dessert, I got a piece of coconut cream pie in a to-go box that I ate later in the afternoon. Despite such a wide variety of activities and locations, our meals will be a lingering memory for all of us. I never met a group that couldn resist the siren call of ice cream!

Now everyone can sleep in their own beds. Except for one resident, who leaves later tonight for another trip. I don’t envy her. I’ll post all my pictures eventually, but there are nearly 300 on my iPod. I’m sure everyone else has at least that many too.

Good night and thanks for following us on Willies Wonderful Wisconsin Adventure.