A week of music!


A couple of shout outs to USD 383 performing arts groups:

1. The MHS Blue Notes played their last concert at Meadowlark Hills on Wednesday and were great, despite the wind and being outside. Of special note were Davis on the keyboards (not sure of his first name) Mara Meyer on sax, and KR Azad on drums. The residents loved it. Thanks Mr. Easterday.

2. The MHS Orchestra played/performed a wonderful Star Wars piece put together by Mr. McClendon. It was very memorable and wonderfully played. This is the kind of creativity we need to foster in our kids. And the kind of teaching excellence we need to encourage in our teachers.

3. Despite the rude students texting and talking around me, the MHS Choirs were outstanding on Thursday. Mr. Pape is really coming in to his own as a director. Congrats to all the seniors and award winners. I especially thought the basses in the Chamber Choir were outstanding. Bravo!

4. The EMS choir was once again great. Ms. Pederson really has a way of making music fun for the kids. 20 boys in middle school choir? Give me a break! I don’t think I see greater courage exhibited than when a middle school boy or girl stands in front of their peers and an audience and sings a solo. Very moving. Nice job!

It makes for a busy week, but I love being able to see such great talent. Best wishes to all the seniors as they continue their journey. I hope all of them can continue to make music and help change the world.