Finally, I’ve decided


After several days of research, I’ve finally chosen to use WordPress for my new blog. What finally tipped the scales was a post on TechCrunch that put the choice in very clear terms. “WordPress is still by far the best way to write long-form text-heavy posts…” Which is what I hope to do. Not REALLY long posts, but long enough that I think I’ll appreciate the formatting and uploading options that WordPress offers.

So, let’s get to it:

Who am I? I currently live in Manhattan, Kansas with my family and dog. We are a fairly typical bunch, but have lots of personality and passion for life. Actually, the rest of my family are geniuses: I’m just hoping to stay relevant for another 25 years or so. I have a garden, bees, apple trees, workshop and a really nice house. For the past 22 years I’ve been doing fund raising in one form or another. I’ve been a fundraising consultant, development director, executive director, board member, board president, major gifts officer, and, most recently, a movie producer. It was really easy to pivot my career into film making. My skills and experiences in major giving and with major gift prospects have it an easy transition: I know how to cultivate and invite other people to support projects I am passionate about. If you’re interested, email me and I can tell you more.

My intent is to write longer posts that help me keep track of thoughts, experiences, people, and work projects. My life seems to be filled with one good story after another and I can quickly lose track of what’s happened after just a week or two. I travel quite a bit and get to meet really great people that all have interesting stories to tell. I’m hoping that taking the time write this stuff down will not only help me be more disciplined, but provide a quick and easy way for family and friends to keep up with my ever-changing life.

I’ll also be posting links to the various projects I’m working on that range from feature films and documentaries to the new Flint Hills Opera Company and a local internet streaming start-up called KONZA Internet Radio. I may even have a podcast or video podcast once in awhile.

A few friends have suggested that these things may be of some interest to a wider audience. To be honest, I certainly would like to be listened to and taken seriously for my ideas. But, who knows. Maybe with a little luck and persistence….

What things might I write about? You name it. I expect to share information and links that I think are cool and useful; post reviews of performances I attend (good AND bad); give you my very best ideas about fund raising and film financing; and tell good stories. (My first tip:

I appreciate you taking the time to read this far. If you have any ideas, thoughts or comments, I’d appreciate hearing from you. And as my good friend Chuck taught me to say: Make It A Great Day!