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There are multiple ways for organizations to raise money and awareness: annual campaigns, special events, social media, direct mail, email, major gifts, grant writing, and planned gifts. Finding the right combination (that results in more money raised and more engagement with donors) is often a matter of chance: sometimes good, sometimes not so good. But if you don’t have a plan, your chances of success aren’t so good.

“Thank you again for the consultation yesterday. It was very productive and helped us both clarify several questions and directions we’ve been thinking about.” former client

Clay Myers-Bowman has the experience and skills to help you choose the right solutions for your unique situation and create a realistic fundraising and awareness plan. Don’t have additional resources? No staff? No expertise? He’s been there and found a way to make it happen. From capital campaigns and triathlons to direct mail and social media, he can help you create a plan, organize staff, recruit volunteers and train board members.

Clay first started consulting in 1992 to help small and medium-sized nonprofits advance their mission. Over the years, he’s worked with a diverse array of nonprofit organizations, from human service agencies to educational institutions; disaster relief organizations to supporters of the arts and many more. But he’s not been just a consultant. He’s been a staff member, volunteer, board member, and even a board chair.

This experience, coupled with strong philanthropic values and ethics, has enabled him to help his clients plan and carry out more successful fundraising campaigns and events.

A few of the things Clay can help you with:

  • fundraising audits
  • feasibility studies
  • strategic planning
  • case development
  • employee mentoring
  • board, staff, & volunteer training
  • capital campaign planning
  • content planning
  • CRM database training
  • brochures, flyers, & newsletters
  • website & social media planning & implementation
  • event planning

“I hired Clay originally as a consultant to do a complete Foundation Audit and Strategic Plan. His plan was so concise, thorough, measurable and executable that I hired him full time as Vice President. In his time with us he took things to the next level, incorporating a culture of giving with a culture of enjoyment of the beauty of art, music and nature. We were very, very fortunate to have his time.” CEO, Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community

Previous clients include:

  • Fred Finch Youth and Family Services, Oakland, CA
  • Environmental Health Coalition, San Diego, CA
  • SACRA/PROFANA, San Diego, CA
  • The Arctic Cycle, New York, NY
  • CPT 13 – Colorado Public Television, Denver
  • Norwegian Experimental Theatre, Oslo
  • Meadowlark Hills Retirement Center, Manhattan, KS
  • American Red Cross, Moorhead, MN
  • Evergreen Communities, Olathe, KS
  • Circle of Peace, Peoria, AZ
  • Bob Marley School for the Arts, Kingston, Jamaica
  • Kansas Action for Children, Topeka, KS
  • Regional Aids Project, Manhattan, KS
  • Trollwood Performing Arts School, Fargo, ND
  • Hispanic Center Project, Moorhead, MN
  • DARTS, West St. Paul, MN
  • The Cultural Diversity Project, Moorhead, MN
  • Oak Grove Lutheran High School, Fargo, ND

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