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She was like an earthquake A subtle ripple She made you tremble And the world danced Crumbling into itself


…with a new design and newly mapped domain name. Please share with anyone you know who needs: help with a fundraising (crowd, annual, capital) campaign advice on using social media or video a video profile of their organization or themselves I’m currently looking for work.…

Open for Business…



Photo by Clay Myers-Bowman.

The Konza Rotary Club (Manhattan, Kansas) sponsors Water Matters Day every summer to highlight the plight of the billion people in the world who don’t have regular access to clean water. While we have enough to swim in it and dump it on our heads,…

Water Matters Day 2014

It's going to be a great year! Photo by Clay Myers-Bowman.

Exchange student. Host brother. Fast friends. Vi elsker løftet om nye begynnelser! And so starts another year of hosting with AFS-USA. After just a few days, we’re already enjoying Synne’s enthusiasm, openness, and honesty. I’m trying to document as much of the first week as possible because…




Photo by Clay Myers-Bowman.

Here are a few of my Rotary friends at a recent club event that brought attention to the plight of a billion people who don’t have regular access to clean water. Notice that they are young: not the usual perception of Rotarians. They are the…

Rotary is changing the world.



Photo by Clay Myers-Bowman.

I went out to a hill on the west side of town last night when I saw on radar that a small thunderstorm was forming to the east. While it didn’t turn out exactly as I thought (too much general cloud cover) I did get this…

Before the Storm Hit




With only a few weeks to go, thousands of AFS students in the U.S. for the past 10 months are preparing to go home. Most are struggling with competing emotions: they feel sad at the thought of leaving the life they created here and at…

Our AFS year is winding down.

(Note: this is not meant to criticize either my fundraising consulting colleagues who provide wonderful support and advice to their clients, the fundraisers I know who are trying hard to raise more money, or the nonprofits who are trying to advance their missions. This is…

Get off your butt and visit your donors!

Photo by Clay Myers-Bowman.

For the first time ever I was able to get a photo of our queen. Actually, she’s our second queen. The first wore out after 4 years and the colony didn’t survive. The current queen moved into the hive with a few thousand of her…

The Queen is in the House!




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